We have made every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the product being sold and the content of this website. Any earning, income or performance statements made by us or our customers are accurate to the best of our knowledge and reflect the  results that our possible when the product is used. But there is no guarantee expressed or implied that any individual will be able to duplicate those results. You accept the full risk of success or failure from using the contents of this product.

As with any business endeavor, your results will vary based  on your specific skills, business experience, expertise, commitment, and level of desire. There is no guarantee of success expressed or implied.

Examples and testimonials demonstrate exceptional results and not those of average users. The painful reality is that most people will not take ANY action  after purchasing this product (and some may not even read/use it at all!)

We accept no responsibility for your actions and strongly recommend you engage the services of competent lawyers, accountants, and business advisers to review your work to ensure it complies with all legal and financial obligations you are subject too.

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